Motion Picture Portfolio

Natasha + John Eric Speeches

For Natasha and John Eric Iannicello's wedding, I did something a little bit different than usual. The traditional wedding speeches were replaced in favour of this video which took their place. I was incredibly lucky to be a part of such an amazing day with a great group of friends. Thank you Natasha and John Eric, I hope you enjoyed your wedding day as much as I did. email: web:

Galerie Dentaire 2013

Galerie Dentaire invited me to Montreal again this year to showcase their new space. They've moved across the street from their previous location into a much larger space with a beautiful open concept layout, as well as a yoga studio in the basement! Check out Galerie Dentaire on Facebook here. email: web: music: Yan-E-Will

Laura + Noah Highlights

Iliana + Stamatis Highlights

Galerie Dentaire 2012

Galerie Dentaire is a fusion concept of a dental clinic and an art gallery, located in Montreal, Quebec. They have been quite successful at their current location, and the growth of their business has led them to move to a bigger space just across the street. More video content about the move to their new location coming soon.

Zïlon at Galerie Dentaire

I was asked by Galerie Dentaire in Montreal, Quebec, to shoot a promotional piece centred on a very prominent artist in the Montreal scene who is gaining international recognition. Zïlon started as a graffiti artist in the streets of Montreal and has grown to become a very multitalented artist with over 30 years of experience. This video was shot during an exhibition / performance event to celebrate Zïlon's permanent display in the new Galerie D.

2012 Wedding Reel

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Sunset Produce - What Flavour Means to the Sunset Staff

Mastronardi/SUNSET® Produce contacted me to produce a short video explaining the lengths they go to in order to ensure quality flavour on a consistent basis. The company is family owned and operated, and has been around over 50 years. This short video features their staff members, and was shot at SUNSET® greenhouses and facilities. For more information on SUNSET® Produce please visit

We Are Timeless

I recently had the privilege of shooting a short promotional video for Christine Maria Gross. She has been working on a book and DVD for several years, which  focus on the benefits of the Radiance Technique, and its use in hospice care. This promotional video was shot for her book and DVD release. All proceeds from the sales of the Book & DVD are to benefit The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County. See for more information.


"Best in Show" - Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (DWIFF 2010) Written and Directed by: Jessica Pillar Cinematography: Nick Brokalakis Editing: Nick Brokalakis and Jessica Pillar Colourist: Nick Brokalakis Music: Nick Brokalakis and Tara Watts